Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

S—Part I

What does life mean, S? I walked through this life, and I felt it as a frightening dark path in which I found myself being alone. I tried hard to seek the reason, but then I failed. Everytime I got a point, I just found out inanition. But there I know something, that the answer is you, only you, I concluded, perhaps. So I tried to find you, but it’s hard.

S, we once met someday in the most beautiful place we ever had. I forgot that days, but I understand enough the vivacity which I would never find anywhere. You kissed me then and sang me some songs before I slept. But it was very short moment that you left me afterwards, or I left you, I don’t know. We were then separated, without knowing one another, but I know, I love you more than everything, so do you.

It has been so long, S. Everytime I go, I always keep that moment in my mind although I know I don’t know anymore how it went then. Your face, your smile, your smell, I no more remember. But wherever I go, your love seems to be always huge, nothing lost from it. You know S, because of that, I got enough power to stand.

S, I was told that you once cried for me. It was long time ago, the time I couldn’t understand what cry actually means. But now, I’ve spent much time to be alone only to think about you, then I cried, sometime.

S, I miss that place. I always imagine someday in which I can see you again there. I see your face, your smile, and your love, then. But I forget the way to get there, I’ve left it so long: our home.

Someday, I’ll be back home, S. I’ll bring you many stories from this long journey, then we’ll lough, smile, or cry together. I’ll go back home S, then you’ll see me proudly, and I’ll see you happily. Someday, somehow…

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rizki mengatakan...

ball...tng bhasa inggrs wae ath.urng hyang maca.heu

Iiq Pirzada mengatakan...

hahah..okok,,ieu mulai bhs. Indonesia.