Kamis, 10 Juli 2008

A Week Toward Renaissans, or ‘Denaissance?

I, along with my friends, just conducted IRM Fair last month. The program was established for a week or so. It consisted of stadium general, band festival, Science exhibition, PKRM ( Trainning of Muhammadiyah Adolescent generation ), and so on. We took ‘Renaissance’ as our theme, exactly, ‘a week towards Renaissance’.

Ya, Renaissance. The word was taken from French vocab, re and naissance. Re: again, and naissance means birth. In its historical contex, renaissance means enlightenment. In addition, the program was intended to extract that from its abstract concept into the real world. Ya, to enlighten the world!

However, probably the concept was too ideal for us remaining hibernating in our small ville. I don’t know, but I didn’t feel the renaissance then. There were too much hostility, greed, hatred, political hardship, and any other chaos! Our organization was changed to be a stage for political fighting. We were like gangs, with our own party, ready to destroy each others; affecting juniors, spreading negative doctrine, and commiting dirty politic. I was really not loving it, and who was?

Unfortunately, I didn’t know what to do. I tried to let everything go, but it was too naïf. I undertook my life among a battle, and it was too fool to just sit down and wait for what would be. I wouldn’t let myself victimized. So I thought I didn’t have any choice, except to be a troop, and involved into the battle.

However, the farer I walked, the worse I felt. I was really disturbed (who wasn’t?) and confused. I could only hope that I could release this post and be free as soon as possible. I’ve been really agonized here.

Renaissance or denaissance? I don’t know. I felt also my team gradually became enemy! How could? I don’t know.

Yeah, at list we only have the last a month or so for this organization. The structure will be changed next month. I’ll be very excited then, I hope.

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