Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2008

The Unexpected Ecstasy: Repeated!

–I never thought it would be back here.

I just came home this evening. My school is free for 4 days onward. Actually I have 5 days for this pra-Ramadhan holidays, but I had some classes in Primagama to take last daylight. That’s ok.

Tired, that’s what I feel right now. I wanna go to bed and say ‘good night’, but I think I have to write first here; I have yet to post here quite long time, I wanna answer a weird question of my classmate sounded: “Does Iqbal love girl?”.

Oke, just get the point, the answer is YES, I love a girl. She’s my junior in secondary school (Tsanawiyah) at the moment. I met her a year ago or so, but I just had the feeling recently.

It’s been very long I didn’t think about girl in my life, but now the the ecstasy has been back. So I’ve fundamental question: must I devote this and get some relations, or I just have to keep it and focus on my university preparation? I don’t know.

It’s 23.00 now, I think I sould take a nap immadiately. Good night.

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------------------------------- mengatakan...

hwaa.... I'm blog walking here and try to appreciate your writing (well, if you intended to stop being a writer, i suggest you not to stop writing ^_^).

and this little boy whom I've been met since he was a *very little* boy is now in his time to fall in love ^_^! congrats!

at the time when i was about to face the SPMB and UAN, i confess my feeling to a girl, so that i can undergo the SPMB and UAN without burden. but now that is considered to be one of my biggest regret.

however that is one of my process to pass UAN and SPMB ^_^ whether it's purely destructive or constructive, a mistakes or good deed, i don't know, but here i am now with the path i chose.

but i may just remind you, whenever you think about that girl, think about how Allah give us the rules of interaction between muslim and muslimah.

pray like this:"Ya ALLAH kalo saja dia memang jodohku, dekatkanlah ia padaku…
tapi jika dia bukan jodohku, hamba mohon hapuskanlah perasaan hamba yang terlalu berlebihan ini dan jauhkanlah dia dari hamba…hapuskanlah angan-angan hamba ini…hapuskanlah memori indah hamba tentang dia…Hamba mohon…karena hamba hanyalah manusia yang tidak luput dari kesalahan…"

or do sholat istikharah.

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