Kamis, 09 Oktober 2008

She Never Ceases to Amaze me

This is my story about a complicated experience I went through several months ago. About fascination, revolution, consciousness, and fact. Actually I’ve already told it out here titled ‘Nm, Merçi!’, but as it was written in french, I’m not sure many people would be interested in reading. So I’m going to retell this great story about a–mm.. sorry– weirdest person I’ve ever met.

Last March I, along with my friends, joined Annual English Contest and seminar (AECS) 2008 in UPI. I took quiz contest and teamed up with the two other friends. Shortly I was lost, although I was sure we could win as we had several technical problems during the competition. That’s oke, I remained fine.

I stayed going to UPI in the next days though no more contest I had. Just keeping responsibility as my teacher pointed me out as a coordinator of my school. It was merely not bad to just watch the other contestants showed their abilities up. I could learn something here.

And exactly, I got the valuable one.

It was March 05, 2008. Approximately at 13.00, final of speech contest would be conducted. We waited for the notification whether our school would pass this section, although we were sure not. But we still hoped. And right, we didn’t, that’s ok. We just watch in the audience seats, and see everything went.

In the last time, at the time the last final participant got her turn, I found something great in my life. She’s from Pribadi Advanced School Bandung, and everyone must have known how famous the school was. For me, how weird it was. People gave great ovation while she went forward. And at the time she started speaking, the audiences were silent, as if they had been hypnotized by her eloquence speech and weird opinion. Even I was doub’t whether the jury understood her speech or not. And I thought I wasn’t possible that she’s Indonesian then. Great!

Time kept on rounding.

I talked about her to my friends very much, perhaps I was fascinated. Telling out her performance, the silence of audiences, and my view that she was weird, I couldn’t avoid to think about her. So I tried to find out more about her, and I got that she was the first winner of International Debate Contest and the Indonesian contestant of International Young Inventor Project Olympiad (IYIPO) in Bosnia! Great! I never found that kind of 16 year old person before. Her mother must skip cheerfully everyday to bore that kind of person.

Feeling a big motivation, fascination, challenge, revenge, love, I practiced my English practically every time. I got a really great encouragement then.

And recently, when I feel destroyed, she brought a new elegance. I found out an English blog told about Indonesian student of Pribadi Advanced School showed a great performance in England. She got the best-of-the best international speaker in ELSA, and defeated the student of Leicester School of Debating in England.

I was really surprised and looked at myself. What I’ve got? I felt the motivation back. I felt the revenge back.

I’m encouraged once more by her. I bought three books on the next day as I realized I must endeavour far more strongly. I started learning Chinese. I keep on memorizing history and I wasn’t reluctant to spent out my money to buy those quite expensive books which initially I saved to start an advantageous business but I canceled it as I realize that I must study.

Ya, I must study…

Thus, thank you Nm, the smart, cool, and weirdest person I ever met. And for all people read this writing, I suggest you to look for experiences as far as you can. Because you never know that probably you’ll get the unpredictable one change your life. I did.

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