Senin, 16 Februari 2009

Where to Go?

It’s been long time I didn’t update this blog since I’ve been very busy preparing for university admission. Actually at the moment too, but I want to spend a little bit for this old fashioned blog (:

I’m confused. It’s about my idealism against the fact–just what I ever got. It had been very long I passionated to be International Relations student, to be in United Nations, and to handle the world affairs. I wrestled in the high level of politics since I was just in 1st high school.

I’ve been really sure, until at this moment, the time for the last step, I’m facing the very complex choises. I begin looking at management, knowing political science, considering communications, thinking about economics, and law! The choises come so suddenly that until the moment I can’t decide the best one. So I can just prepare myself so hard to be accepted in wherever.

I was huge idealist person before. I didn’t choose International Relations for field of work or future finance reason. I didn’t think about post and money at all, my purpose is to generate Islamic politic and make a world of peace. I imagined being UN secretary general and make a big revolution. I thought that it was simply accessable. Actually I wasn’t true then.

I just know that it isn’t enough to be just in UN, but firstly I must make this country strong enough to wage war with America, fuh! So I turn into management that I imagine to be a boss and a richest person so I can solve the poverty and contribute for education so much, but it’s said to be hard to get some work by that major. I look at politics, I know Indonesia isn’t a good field for clean politic. I consider law, I’m scared that this country doesn’t apply Islamic law. Finally, all the choises are gathered in my head and make me so dizzy.

However, I never want to omit my idealism. I stay being idealist person who aims to change this world into the better place. I know I’ve not got the right major, but I’ m sure to have a great goal of my life.

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