Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

It’s a Day Left!

It’s 26 hours left towards my first lecture in second semester. I’m now in Depok preparing everything to head off the next full lecture days; I actually take 23 SKS for this semester, but it takes schedule as if I had 26 SKS. Fuh! That’s ok, I’ll get more benefit however. Apart from my days as a university student, I also accustom myself with the recent new status: in a relationship; I’m trying to be a good boy for my girlfriend. I know it’s said to be somewhat difficult due to distance reason —I’m here in Depok while she’s there in Garut—, but I’ll do my best for her in any ways.

Fuh, this semester will be filled by huge busy days of both lectures and organization activities. I once thought there would be much ‘garbaging’ time as what my seniors ever told, but it actually seems to be so far away from that the term of ‘heaven’. That’s ok, I’ll be busy for many things I love: lectures, Kastrat BEM FISIP UI, and other—which is still— tentative communities. I’ll not forget my ‘Delilah’ in Garut of course.

I’m told that it’s gonna be different to be a university student; for having both lectures and activities in huge portion. Yap, and both are important for me. It has not been obvious, for me, as a freshman, the role of academics for actual life in fact I know I have to do something for people who subsidise me at least Rp 12.250.000 per semester (I was told that the operational fee of each student in University of Indonesia for a semester comes to Rp 17.250.000 while I pay only five million rupiah). Thus, I think my satisfying GPA isn’t enough for feedback of what they defrayed me here. I get to do some concrete however. Anyways, it merely doesn’t mean I disparage academics, it’s as significant as diet for our body. I once red that there was clear distance between literature theories and actual field, but I disagree for hierarchy. Both has it’s own dimension. Therefore, I resolutely target higher GPA and high intense activism for next semester. Amin.

Oke, it’s only about a day left this holidays end. Thanks God, for many great experiences I went through yesterday, I beg Your Hidayah and Inayah henceforth. Amin. For Farihah, I love you, I hope this would bring much progression for us. Good luck for your examinations and all, there. For all, let’s undertake great life, make many things, changes, and benefit for our world.

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