Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

She’s Vivacious Part II

—Bandung, Jan. 30, 2010 (05 : 08) It’s four hours before Depok departure. I’ve not packed anything to carry yet for not wanting missing the beautiful last dawn in home; I love this home at dawn specially. So I’m filling this beauty with writing; it’s exotic.

For the Vivacious,

How’re you going there? Hoping to be fine in whatsoever your days are. Yeah, I know you recently have many examinations to undertake in this last months of junior high school−or Tsanawiyah. It’ll be somewhat hectic for facing five kinds of test however, but just be tranquil; you’ll have great unforgettable happiness at the time the stuffs passed. ^_^ I did, when I was at your level. Hoping everything would go well, good luck.

It’s turned into some new Vi, only a short after we got the relationship. I can’t describe how, but it’s positive. I feel some vivacity, and so do you, don’t you? It’s normal. However, that vivacity isn’t main reason intended in what something you and me considered to be useless before (I was in your stance about the relationship). We have some intention so that it’ll not go like garbage.

I purely want to make some positive change with this in whatsoever the way we have. Some people might think to be difficult for distance reason, but I don’t. It’s not dating or whatever the stuff they say about getting relationship we mainly expect, it’s progression we intend to make. I and you have agreed for this by the time we decided to go together. “the positive relationship might be if the ‘he’ could bring the ‘she’ to the positive way, and so does the she”, I said then. So Vi, I do believe we, you and I, can make that progression. Just in simple way, not to be so serious anyway.

I promise I’ll get to Garut someday so we can meet there to share many things and implement our plan of souvenir tradeoff. Insya Allah.

Oke, I get to start preparing everything for Depok departure. We’ll go on later. Good luck for your examinations ya, make some success then. See you, Vi.



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