Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Note at 'Garbage Time'

It’s ‘garbage time’* now. I have still two hours before going Depok registering for BEM FISIP UI and being present at PA consultation. I’ve filled this week with hectic jobs in which I got to go through extreme round trip of Bandung-Depok-Garut. It’s oke, I had so much fun in those however.

Nowadays I experience great happiness my life ever (wow!). It’s not because of broading, winning a million dollar lottere, or being accepted by ‘Delilah’. It’s only because some simple stuff: motivation. For the last semester, at the time living in University of Indonesia, I soused myself in the dark pool of stress, problem, inconfidence, and all the complexity. I’ve lived under great pressure at all. Actually I was conscious having sparkle at academic stuff, but I consider it as useless. So I could just looking at the greatness of my peers who have tremendous achievements while I let myself so silent. What an embarrassing!

Recently I read motivation book much. Getting many encouraging wisdom, I know how great potency a man has. Looking at my flashback, I can see how stupid I was. I’ve practically spent all my time only to groan and mourn over my (considered) unjustice life. I accused everyone; my friends, my brothers, my parents, and even God! Huh, what a chaos life I went through! I can’t tell why however.

Now I realize that a man as if could do everything (according to human view, not that of God). I was beaten by Napoleon Hill, Roosevelt, Einstein, and other historical figures. As if they modeled in me with their words “Wake up, notable!’.

Now I see how great my potency is. I started learning guitar, badminton, football, and everything I ever did before. I won’t be silent again, I won’t be loser again.

Actually I have so much to tell here, but there are many things to do right now. See you.

*Garbage time is term used to exerted by IR studet of UI which refers to the jobless time so the one in that condition is assumed as garbage.

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