Sabtu, 25 Juli 2009

I Got The Reason

It’s been long time since I was determined to insistently update this blog with some higher matter than just a story. I was really vivacious by the time I created my account in FaceBook. My friend said then, “You’ll be addicted!” And unfortunately that’s right! I sank in the ecstasy of that cyber world until I forgot to nurture this blog. I hibernated from intellectual life.

Today God wake me up and show me the world I’ll go through tomorrow. It’s tremendous! I couldn’t believe it firstly. The boy I met in the university, and who will be my classmate, was an Indonesian young leaders’ winner, UNICEF 2008. I looked over his other achievements, and I found out myself startled so hard. He also joined international conferences and events sometimes due to his merit in promoting children’s rights. So I asked myself, what I’ve ever got?

I was highly worried then; I’ll compete with that kind of person. Actually I’ve yet to know the others, but with just this boy, I found out myself as nothing.

However, I mulled to get an apology. He was a student at a favourite SMA in this country, so his access to those international level achievements must be wider than mine. Even I don’t remember I got some information about it. I had annual AFS program here, but my class couldn’t join in due to the lateness of notification. Moreover, I don’t claim the program to be as great as his.

Now I can just think positively that God admit me to the university to meet me with that kind of person and the chances of great achievement. I must start managing some resolution for tomorrow.

An other reason of why I’m here is, to meet them, compete them, and win the competition. It’s mean, to be at least the same as them, but I always prefer to be more. Insya Allah. Amin.

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