Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

She’s Vivacious

It was dusk. You, along with your friends, were at the behind row. Being without any certain consciousness about what I did, I went to you. I didn’t know why. When I got closer, you stood up and talked to me. I was really surprised, nervous, and absolutely glad.

We were stranger one each other. I didn’t know you, and neither did you. Scarcely did we meet in some moments, and there was practically being without any conversation. We were always remote away.

You came in one night as participant of english contest selection, and I was a jury. It wasn’t the first time we met, but it was the time I initially thought about you. Everything went normally at first, nothing special I felt in front of you then. At the end of the program, I noticed the result that you were selected. Everything went well so far and we got out the class together. Here something happened. I told you to prepare yourself for the next selection, but you didn’t answer me. Instead of answering me, you looked at me weirdly that I couldn’t say anything. You did it quite long, and I could just be silent. Until the edge of the class in which we had different turning, we separated.

We could still meet several times, as a stranger of course. I remember we were in the same public transportation one daylight. You were along with your buddies, and I was alone. We seemed to be courious of one each other, but we remained silent. Ha...

Several months later we could insistently be together in a community. You were a member, and I was an organizer. It was approximately a year the community went, but still us, stranger! Actually I didn’t inted to get closer with someone like you as there would be widespread junk rumour about (em.. not to be arrogant) relative respected intellectual and famous beautiful girl. I didn’t want to breake my image so that my little young juniors would be very disappointed for that. Also I knew I had tremendous task to be admitted in International Relations of University of Indonesia. So I decided that it was useless. Just let it flow, and everything would go well, I say. However, we eventually had a little chance to talk although just a little bit. That was ok.

Probably I’ll be busy and, there’ll be no time to think about you anymore. Now we live in defferent world. Fuh.

Absolutely there’s no much I can tell here as we have just very little story. I hope you read this post. She’s vivacious, they say.

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